I know just enough about Pokemon to know this is one.

I know just enough about Pokemon to know this is one.

With the success and controversies of Pokemon Go, an app game where you can capture Pokemon by getting out of the house and visiting cool places–and for some reason cemeteries because respecting the dead is old hat (seriously, show some dang respect for the grieving, you don’t need a Gastly that bad!) there is story-related news. While Pokemon’s animated movies haven’t been on the big screen in a long time (while still dubbed for home video) there is a bidding war for a live-action Poke-film! You already know my thoughts on that, but if not here’s a second article for you to read this morning!

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  1. Sean says:

    That’s interesting how the current tensions between China and Japan could ruin a film deal. Yes, there likely will be a live action Pokemon movie in the near future. This Pokemon Go craze has really picked up. Yesterday on the news, I found out that Pokemon Go has only been around for 6 days (7 days today). So no wonder why I hadn’t heard of it before this Monday. The news media is all over this new craze. In fact, last night on the news, I saw two different news stories about the dangers of Pokemon Go. This morning in the Hartford Courant newspaper, there’s one article on the front page (“Cartoon Hunt, Real-World Hit: Pokemon Go Sweeps Country; Fun comes With Warnings”), an article in the business section (“Pokemon Go: Security Issues Raised About Account Access”, and a commentary article (“New Game Needs To Go”). Three articles in one newspaper in one day about Pokemon Go! I just hope that when I go for a hike in the woods that I don’t see a bunch of people running around looking for Pokemon to “hunt down”.


    • If you do, go say hi and ask about the game. You may learn things.


      • Sean says:

        The front page article on the Hartford Courant today was very informative. It gave me a better sense of how the game works. On the other hand, the commentary article was by a writer who says that her fiance is addicted to the game and it’s causing lots of problems for them. Like anything in life, people need to play this game in moderation. It’s just like the recent report that says binge watching is bad for one’s health. Everything in moderation.


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