As part of Dreamwave’s license two continuities existed, the G1 series, and the then current “Unicron Trilogy” consisting of Armada, Energon, and Cybertron (or as they were known in Japan Micron Legend, Superlink, and Galaxy Force), three toylines following a storyline involving Unicron and his aftermath. While a questionable anime was put together with a lot of issues between a terrible US dubber and miscommunication between Hasbro and Takara, made worse by a change in animation studios for the third saga. Dreamwave had the comic license. I’ve reviewed the whole series to this point, and the first few minicomics as part of Free Comic Inside (the rest will have their turn), before Dreamwave’s collapse. More on that later. Let’s start the review.

Transformers Energon #30

The staring contest went on for hours until they remembered robots don’t blink.

Transformers Energon #30


Dreamwave (December, 2004)

“No Exit”
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Marcelo Matere
INKERS: Ferd Poblete, Erik Sander, Elaine To, & Rob Armstrong
COLORISTS: Jong-Im Lee, Sigmund Torre, & Rob Ruffolo

In the past Starscream warned Megatron that while the Decepticon leader’s preference for sneak attacks was smarter, Scorponok’s brutal approach “played better to the crowd”. In the present, Megatron, in his new body, takes on Scorponok, defeating him and telling Ironhide (who managed to erect a small force field around the Energon base) to tell everyone that Megatron is back. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime, left behind on the remains of Unicron (long story; you’ll have to find the earlier reviews) is making a mess of the place, ready to make sure Unicron never returns.

What they got right: This is the one series where I had nothing bad to say about Simon Furman’s stories, and it finishes off well, even if this wasn’t the intended ending. I like how he used the tank drone that came with the Energon Megatron/Galvatron toy (meant to resemble the tank from the previous Armada toyline but carrying a sword) in the battle, and it was a good fight. Scorponok may be a better fighter but Megatron is a smarter fighter and since Scorpy’s the dead one brains was better than brawn.

What they got wrong: This is probably the last time I’ll have nothing bad to say about a Simon Furman Transformers tale. The art is beautiful and the fight is one of the best one-on-ones in Transformers history.

Other notes: I’m assuming “Prime Month” would have had Optimus Prime returning to the battle in some way. I plan to look up if there are reports of what Furman planned to do with this story like the notes for The War Within: Age Of Wrath. Since it’s been a while and new people are here you may not be aware of why Dreamwave folded, ending a few series before they finished. It’s all Pat Lee’s fault. He was using company money to buy expensive cars for his and his family among other personal expenditures, and not on the company. When things fell apart he couldn’t pay the creators for their work, some of whom sued. Basically, Lee didn’t know how to run a company, although he’s tried again after the Dreamwave debacle. That’s why this series ended here, and by the time IDW picked up the license the “Unicron Trilogy” had already run its course.

Recommendation: Simon Furman stories I actually like from Transformers are highly rare. Armada (which he took over from Chris Sarracini, who wrote the terrible first G1 miniseries and yet also wrote a good story for this series–I guess the cartoons were such crap that the comics became really good despite questionable writers to balance the karma) and Energon are some of my favorite Transformers comics, hampered by Hasbro’s decisions and Pat Lee’s failure. Check them out if you find them. The minicomics Dreamwave did still have more Free Comic Inside appearances to go, and there’s a special with an out-of-continuity tale in our future, but for the most part we’re done with this series and I’m sorry it took half a year to get to the final issue. I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I’ll also review the info on the unpublished tales like I did Age Of Wrath next week.


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  1. Sean says:

    Hopefully, Lee sold some of his cars, so that his workers could get paid.


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