Yes, I know what "melee" means. It made for a good title, so I'm going with it.

Yes, I know what “melee” means. It made for a good title, so I’m going with it.

Sometimes a joke, whether it’s good or not, gets stuck in my head. This was one of those times. I feel better now.

In this week’s Clutter Report, meet Scooter, my favorite GoBot Guardian. How was the toy? Check the review.

I didn’t have time to do the graphic novel trade, and with my reconnection surgery approaching I don’t know what I have available for me during the healing. However, I have a bunch of new (well, newish by this time) comics. My cousin bought me a few and a magazine while I was recovering from the colon removal (only part of it, hence the re-connection) and my friend Sean picked up two Free Comic Book Day offerings–because the comic store only allowed you to get two comics period for some stupid reason. One or two per title I could understand, and no I don’t count letting kids get 5 an improvement. I can see not wanting these to go for a ton o’ money on eBay but the point of FCBD is to get people to read comics, which means sampling everything that gathers their attention. Oh, but they had a back issue sale at the same time. Dimwits! Point is, they’re just new enough for a Today’s Comic review, meaning no spoilers.

That rant over, instead of graphic novel reviews I’m going to review these five comics in the Saturday spot. I may also start going over comics I have in ComiXology library, but I do want to return to going through the remaining graphic novels and trades when I get back…again.

In more comic reviewing news we’re finally done with Star Wars comics and I’m still not up to burrowing through longboxes to find all of my Star TREK comics. So since we’re doing Masters Of The Universe on Wednesdays and there’s a crossover with Thundercats coming up, why not go through my Thundercat comics? I’ve already reviewed one back issue when I picked it up at a convention, as well as crossovers with Battle Of The Planets, one being good and the other being crap, and the crossover with Superman that was surprisingly boring. So I won’t be reviewing those again, but the other Star and Wildstorm comics are up for grabs. My friend Sean kind of inspired this choice and when he returns from his time off the grid he’ll be happy to see it. Hopefully you will too.

Finally, we also finished the “Unicron Trilogy” (or what Dreamwave made for it outside of minicomics and the Summer special working over numerous versions), so what’s next? Well, if I understand my longbox we’re either doing convention comics or Beast Wars, starting with the (I think) second Beast Wars comic. I used to have a scan or printout of the first one somewhere but I can’t find it and being a convention exclusive NOT given a store shelf publication I don’t really have it. So we’re jumping right to the next one and seeing which direction, beast or convention, we’re going after that. I don’t remember how the box was stacked.

And that’s all the news. I’m hoping to get that new BW Panelling intro done so I can have a new installment Saturday but we’ll have to see.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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