Spider-Man: The Other

Spider-Man: The Other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Between lack of money and joining Linkara in the One More Day boycott (One More Boycott?) when it comes to the main title, I only hear about what goes on in the various Spider-Man comics when a blog or Comicstorian covers it. In the case of the former, blogger Douglas Ernst looks into a story I hadn’t heard about, one that tries to cover Peter’s faith issues…despite the fact that he’s never had faith issues. Like Brian Michael Bendis, it seems the writer of this story altered the characters to suit the story/theme/message rather that saving it for a character it would actually work for. I like stories that end with a character looking to reestablish a connection with God as a Christian but as a reader, writer, and critic it should be done with the right character.


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  1. Thanks for linking to the review of ASM’s “Amazing Grace.” That story had plenty of potential. It’s a shame that Jose Molina had to twist Peter Parker’s established personality so much to get the outcome he wanted…


    • It’s becoming an issue, mainly in comics. The writer has a great story idea but the characters they’re assigned can’t fill the necessary roles. Instead of shelving the story for another series or altering parts of the story to fit the characters (characters are affected by events which are themselves altered by the characters involved) they alter the characters because the story is more important. It’s the same way Harlan Ellison approached Star Trek and it just shows no concern for a property other than “wrote for The Amazing Spider-Man” looks great on a resume.


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