First issue of Nintendo Power

First issue of Nintendo Power (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shawn Robare of Branded In The 80s managed to snag scans of Nintendo Power before Nintendo found out the Internet Archive had them up…even though Nintendo doesn’t seem to be doing anything with the old issues after canceling the magazine. In this article Shawn looks at his favorite celebrity profiles and their favorite NES games. I’m not surprised Fred Savage is there.


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  1. Sean says:

    That was a nice time warp back to the 80s! That was quite a variety of entertainers who loved Nintendo from soap opera stars to family sitcom stars to even Bart Simpson and Freddy Kruger! Plus, I didn’t know there was a Nintendo cereal! Did you ever eat that? I was an Atari 2600 guy…never had a Nintendo…but I still remember the Nintendo age from getting to play your Nintendo games. The 80s is famous for having very specialized magazines like Nintendo Power and the Go-Bots magazine. Keep up the good work of promoting 80s nostalgia!


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