Tales From The Beast Wars

This cover is so weak I can’t make a joke about it.

Tales From The Beast Wars: Reaching The Omega Point

3H/Botcon (2000)

WRITER: Simon Furman
COVER ART: Geoff Senior, Andrew Wildman, & Matt Riodan
ARTIST: Lee Sulivan
CO-PLOTTER: Glen Hallit
ARTIST: Geoff Senior
LETTERER: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
DESIGN: b/w Design (no connection to BW Media Spotlight)

Get comfy, people. This synopsis is going to be “Scanning My Collection” levels of long. Had I know that when I grabbed the book I would have save it for that series. See, this comic is the final chapter of 3H’s big series while they still ran the Botcon convention. Lucky for all of us the previous comic and prose stories (which I’ve heard of but not seen or read to my memory) are giving a catch-up for the rest of us who never attended the conventions. I’m pretty sure I ordered this rather than seeing it on comic shelves and of this writing I still have never been to Botcon and if I’ve heard correctly I never will since the convention is over and good luck finding any of the convention comics, not just the 3H-period stuff. My collection can’t handle the toys, I just want the comics. I still have no income.

The book starts with a prose catch-up, an original story, and more prose catch-up. I’ll stick to the important details. A strange object arrives on Earth during the Beast Wars. The Maximals and Predacons, descendants of Autobots and Decepticons respectively for those of you who ignored the Beast Wars series, fight over the object until the arrival of Antagony, the servant of Shokaract. In a future past where the Maximals and Predacons come from Shokaract has taken over Cybertron and a good chunk of the galaxy, and Antagony is his Herald Maximo. She came seeking the object but, weak from time travel, she is captured and tortured by Megatron with a fail-safe wiping her mind. Meanwhile the Council Of Twelve, Transformers who protect time and space (and are the original 12 Transformers or something) are preparing to confront Shokaract at Point Omega, while another player from this time, the double-sparked Windrazor (long story) has found himself trapped…during the Beast Wars on Earth!

Then things get…confusing as we get to the comic portion of the comic. Shokaract has arrived on Earth to hold the Dark Essence in place so his past self can find it and create his current self. This is also a long story–seeing the problem here? The short version is that the Dark Essence is a portion of Unicron’s lifeforce from his explosion in 2005…making me wonder if this is the cartoon or Furman’s take on Unicron. (I know there was some disagreement between the head writers of the Beast Wars cartoon on that point.) Also weakened from the trip he plans to absorb the sparks of Optimus Primal (at this point in his “Optimal Optimus” body) and the other assembled Maximals, including Windrazor, all of whom get a beating for their troubles.

The 12 shows up, one of them failing to convince the Autobots and Decepticons from leaving the Transformers afterlife called J’Wann (obvious pun if you say it out loud and, you guessed it, another long story). However, the Matrix of Conquest, which contains the essence of Unicron and by Primus is the longest “Yesterday’s” Comic I’ve ever written, and Shokaract’s “Cloak Of Darkness” proves too much for them and then Sandstorm is revealed to be a traitor even though Shokaract claimed no knowledge of the 12 but then Sandstorm turns out to be a double agent, sacrificing himself to force Shokaract into transforming and losing the Cloak and does anybody have a road map here? No? Nobody? Can you at least explain why Maximals who weren’t in the show but did have toys suddenly show up? (Was the IDW comic the explanation? We’ll get to that eventually, or next week. I don’t know what’s coming next.) Or why Antagony is suddenly up and running, as well as Cataclysm, another Herald whose atoms were scarred across space/time? (You know.) Or why Optimus Prime, Megatron 1, and Grimlock suddenly appear from a portal deciding to come out of the afterlife to help out after all? At any rate, Shokaract is finally destroyed when the 12 (or 11 at this point) turn into energy, head into the Conquest Matrix and destroy the Unicron essence, which results in the magic reset button since now Shokaract never gains the essence of Unicron, making this whole story arc, from the previous issues to this one, entirely POINTLESS! Look, if I’m calling out Liefeld’s Galactica for pulling that do you think THIS is coming out unscathed?

Seriously, without the prose part of what came before there, and even with it, good luck understanding what the slag is going on in this story. The art is Generation Two bad, the story drops characters on us for no reason (Apelinq isn’t even mentioned in the catching up part, but we’ll see him again in later convention comics), and speaking of G2 the stupid colored triangles in the word balloons are back. I guess it’s an homage to Furman, since a previous comic he wrote (a black and white tale I’ve lost track of but used to have an officially scanned copy) also used them, but it was never interesting.

Trust me folks, unless you have ALL the 3H Botcon stories prior to this comic, don’t bother getting it and only get it for the conclusion to this story arc. You’re better off without it.

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