I went to the Marvel Database wiki to find out what happened in issue #36, which I’m missing and is part two of this storyline.

Venom and Darkhawk escape and hide from the Seekers. Grace decides to rescue Mike on her own and books a flight. Darkhawk tries to apprehend Venom but Venom gets the upper hand. St. Johnny and Dobbs discuss their fear of being used again and Johnny transforms. The Seekers attack Venom and take him into custody until Darkhawk interferes and they both escape once more. Venom gives Darkhawk one last chance to ally but DH refuses, leading Venom into a rage.

Darkhawk #37

Chris has weird daydreams.

Darkhawk #37

Marvel Comics (March, 1994)

“Operation Symbiote” part 3: “The Greater Evil!”
WRITER: Danny Fingeroth
INKER: Ian Akin
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

Since Venom owes Darkhawk for saving him from the Seekers, the symbiote leaves our hero tied up rather than kill him. Darkhawk turns back into Chris (the database article doesn’t say anything, but apparently Chris was having problems with the change) and finds a note warning him not to become Darkhawk again or he might die. Needing to save his dad from Cale, the man who created the Savage Steel project and now wants Venom’s symbiote to do the same, Chris risks the change to save his dad. He stops Venom from killing Cale with a decisive victory but Venom manages to escape when Grace and a FBI agent break in. Mike is rescued, but Chris can’t join the reunion. Evilhawk is trying to restore himself and manages to take over St. Johnny, who defeats Captain America and takes the Evilhawk amulet from Avengers Mansion. Johnny appears to regain enough control to reach Darkhawk to head for the Hawk ship and rescue Osch.

What they got right: It’s a good finale. Darkhawk takes out the Seekers and Venom. Mike is rescued, but so is a comatose Philippe Bazin, the result of mind control experiments Cale put on him, setting up the next chapter in the lives of the Powells and Bazins. We also get more of Darkhawk lore coming with the next storyline.

What they got wrong: Jumping from one event to another again. Give Chris time to breathe, guys. Why are you in such a hurry to jump back to Evilhawk that you can’t wait for this story to finish first?

Recommendation: A decent end to this storyline, although I’m missing the midpoint. Give it a look.

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