Masters Of The Universe #1 (Image)

Now with less Teela insulting Mekaneck.

Masters Of The Universe #1

Image Comics/MV Creations (November, 2002)

PENCILER: Emiliano Santalucia
INKER: Marco Failia
COLOR ASSISTS: Shaynne Corbett & Dash Martin
SELECTED COVER ART: J. Scott Campbell, Tim Townsend, & Val Staples
LETTERING: Dreamer Design
EDITORS: Jeremy Padawer, Heather Schneider, & Geoff Walker

The Shakarran Crystal, the source of Skeletor’s power in this continuity, is losing it’s power, and there isn’t much left for Skeletor to tap into. Evil-Lyn sees more potential for the crystal. Meanwhile, Orko is feeling down after another series of mishaps with his magic. Back on Trolla Orko was a great sorcerer but he has yet to master magic on Eternia. Then he finds a crystal that boost his magic enough to stop a fire. Unsure of it’s origins, Man-At-Arms convinces Orko and He-Man to go the Sorceress, which is observed by Evil-Lyn. Could this be part of her plan? The crystal around Orko’s neck does resemble part of the Shakarran Crystal.

What they got right: The art matches the show extremely well, and I wish I could pull off the energy effects seen here. Orko gaining a magical boost is something we’ve seen before from the character, but I don’t think in this continuity. How will he handle this potentially corrupting power (if I’m reading the scene where Orko snaps at Man-At-Arms right…and given how Duncan sometimes treats Orko I don’t completely blame the little guy) will be interesting if done right. Also, there’s a nod to the classic series in which He-Man plans to pick up the whole burning village and take it to the water, which the He-Man of this continuity may not have done but the original did. Like in the show intro above this happened a lot in the early series.

What they got wrong: That said, I’m not sure the idea always worked, at least for me. It came off more like “this is not your father’s He-Man cartoon, even if unintentionally and I’m glad they eventually stopped doing that after destroying this reality’s version of the Diamond Ray Of Disappearance, although the intro would continue until the Snake Men were added to the series. (This is why I included it in this review.)

Recommendation: A good start, and hopefully it continues on that route. I remember liking the comic back then, but considering I had the full run of Liefeld’s Galactica I find myself questioning past me’s actions when it comes to my comic library. Please stay good, He-Man comic that isn’t from DC.

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  1. Sean says:

    The villains in the animated intro look more “intense” when compared with the 80s filmation series. Yes, I will definitely have to check out some of these episodes on youtube. The cover artwork reminds me of the cover artwork I’ve seen on the early 2000s Thundercats comic books (I’ve never bought them but seen the covers at my local comic book store on back issues there). With all these Thundercats and MOTU reviews you’ve been doing lately, you’re getting people ready for DC’s Thundercats/MOTU comic that debuts in early October 2016. DC should be paying you a promoter’s fee!


    • It’s more like MOTU was next in the lineup before I got sick and Thundercats seemed a natural spot to fill a finished review run because of the crossover. Otherwise I’d probably be done with the MOTU comics by now or just about over and might be reviewing MASK or something, which would coincide with the recently announced IDW comic.


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