So far Ninjak hasn’t won me a single vote, but with theme fights you work with what you have. And it so happens I have a ninja at my disposal. And this time the fight is a little different. Town is getting involved. Sort of. And it’s in the style of those old kung-fu movies with the laughable dubbed dialog and over-the-top fighting moves. Ric Meyers would be proud.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Karate Kick” round 4

The Battlefield: Ninjak volume 2 #11 (Acclaim Comics/Valiant Heroes; January, 1997) “Trial And Errors”

The Promoters: Robert L. Washington & Kurt Busiek (writers), Neil Vokes (penciler), Michael Oeming (inker), Atomic Paintbrush (coloring), and Dave Lanphere & Siobhan Hanna (letterers)

I’m going to drop the usual commentary because this story tells itself. At least until the end.

FNF Karate Kick 04a FNF Karate Kick 04b FNF Karate Kick 04c

Yeah, Ninjak’s still in jail over Acclaim’s lawsuit and the jackasses from last week’s fight. Still, I think Denny (the teenager who turns into Ninjak) just got an idea for his next movie.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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