Ninjak vol 2 #11

“Hey,get your own title!”

Ninjak volume 2 #11

Acclaim Comic/Valiant Heroes (January, 1998)

“Trials And Errors”
WRITERS:Robert L. Washingon III & Kurt Busiek
PENCILER: Neil Vokes
INKER: Michael Oeming
COLORING: Atomic Paintbrush
LETTERERS: Dave Lanphear & Siobhan Hanna
EDITOR: Jeff Gomez

In prison, Denny has a dream in the style of an old kung-fu movie where Ninjak is “Hero Ninja Killer” and he and his pupil, “Townahashi”, have to rescue his love and the princess (oddly not the same person) from Pak-Mei. (I swear this is important next issue but the last time I looked through it was for a Friday Night Fight entry.) He’s awoken in prison, still as Ninjak, by a visit from his mom, and by an attorney hired by Colin who also happens to be connected to another Acclaim/Valiant comic, Trinity Angels. The charges for damage in the battles with the Dark Dozen, and I’m presuming Stonemason, were dropped, the trademark lawsuit still beckons. (Actually they had the lawsuit but he couldn’t hire a decent lawyer. Now Acclaim is trying to collect.) Shelly tries again to connect to Danny while Tania has a crush on Ninjak, despite him being older and arrested right in front of her to Denny’s dismay. At the trial things seem to be going well for our hero until the Dark Dozen break in along with a new arrival…Master Lord Akuma! And Akuma is determined to pull Denny apart from Ninjak!

What they got right: The dream sequence was funny, but as I said I’m sure that’s connected to Ninjak’s final origin piece in this continuity. Colin King continues to pop up and gets Denny/Ninjak out of trouble that would have been difficult otherwise.

What they got wrong: Again, I would have liked to have seen all the Dark Dozen get a solo appearance. Did Busiek know they were only getting 12 issues out of this comic?

Recommendation: One more comic to go before we say goodbye to this title and I still think you folks should track them down.


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