Adventures Of Spider-Man #7

“Hey, I’m allowed to not like any art piece I want!

The Adventures Of Spider-Man #7

Marvel (October, 1996)

“Crimetown, U.S.A.”
WRITER: Nel Yomtov
PENCILER: Alex Saviuk
INKER: Rob Stull
COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Mark Powers

Crime is at an all-time low in New York City, and Peter is sure that Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, is behind it. He makes the mistake of trying to warn Mary Jane and Detective Lee during a party Fisk is holding, which gets Fisk concerned. He sends his “Enforcers” to kidnap MJ in the hopes of keeping Peter distracted while he launches an all-out crime wave on the city. This keeps Spider-Man busy until he pays a visit to MJ and learns what happened. Heading to where Crime Central used to be, Spidey finds the Enforcers and tries to find out where they took MJ, but while he puts up a fight they manage to overwhelm him and the issue ends with Fisk’s foot on Spider-Man’s chest.

What they got right: It’s so good to see the comic back to emulating the cartoon it no longer follows (although Peter did try to expose Fisk in the cartoon, which led to meeting Daredevil as I recall) instead of the horrible art of the last few issues. Being the 90s it’s a huge improvement. Fisk’s plan is also a good one.

What they got wrong: Peter was kind of an idiot in this story. I can see going to Detective Lee and trying to warn her to keep an eye on Fisk, but not during a party where Fisk is right in earshot, after also warning MJ right at the same party, knowing Fisk already has an issue with him. It’s also odd that Lee mocks Peter in front of Fisk for his suggestion that he’s the Kingpin since their first meeting on the Mysterio case from the first season of the show (adapted in Spider-Man Adventures) is still canon to this story and is even brought up.

Recommendation: A fair start to the story, which is continued next issue. We’ll get to it soon enough. It’s worth giving a look.


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