A page from "The Nervous Witch", a t...

A page from “The Nervous Witch”, a tract written by fundamentalist Jack Chick, depicting the purportedly occult dangers of the Harry Potter series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jack Chick is rather controversial among geeks and even Christians like myself. Or rather was, as he passed away over the weekend. In case you never heard of him, Chick was a cartoonist and fundamental evangelist who made comic-like tracts warning of the dangers of certain activities. Personally, on the rare occasion I agreed with him he still found a way to be so extreme as to make me disagree with him again, like claiming all rock, even Christian rock, was from the Devil. And with his extreme stances against Halloween and role-playing games like Dungeons And Dragons that went beyond even critics I’ve read about, you can imagine how the geek community thought of him, especially non-Christians. It’s a shame his talent didn’t better serve his mission but now only God can judge his actions on Earth.

I will not celebrate his death because whatever you thought of the man that’s in poor taste and I see it way too often in certain circles. Instead I feel sorry the man was so far over the edge and possibly morn a lost soul who thought he was doing right. Like I said, this is God’s judgement now and we’ll never know what his fate was. I never met him so I don’t know what kind of person he was, but I have some issues with his ministry, which says they will continue as Chick has. Take that as you will.


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  1. Sean says:

    So this is one of the people who was behind the attacks on Dungeons and Dragons back in the 80s! There were actually many religious leaders back then who were against Dungeons and Dragons. I had Dungeons and Dragons and could never understand why some critics thought it was satanic or of the occult. It was a game that promoted creativity, using one’s imagination, and developing critical thinking skills. In fact, I can’t understand why the fantasy genre (of which D and D is) of dragons, orcs, elves, wizards, warriors, etc. is interpreted by some people as having “evil undertones”. Fantasy is about the battle between good and evil with good usually being promoted. The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit cartoons are incredible and teach valuable positive lessons. Perhaps, some religious leaders such as Jack Chick have issues with fantasy and fantasy RPGs is because characters such as dragons, fairies, etc. come from the ancient Celtic pre-Christian era. But what’s interesting is that out in the countryside of Ireland, you will find elderly devout Catholics who will still tell tales about the fairies and the leprechauns. It doesn’t make those people any less Catholic than somebody who doesn’t tell those tales or believe in them.


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