That’s NOT how the Heimlich Maneuver works!

The Adventures Of Spider-Man #8

Marvel Comics (November, 1996)

“Time Has Come Today Kingpin’s Return”

WRITER: Nel Yomtov

PENCILER: Alex Saviuk

INKER: Rob Stull

COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley

LETTERER: Steve Dutro

EDITORS: Mark Powers & Mark Bernardo (according to Comic Vine, the credits are just last names)

When last we left our hero he was at the mercy of Wilson Fisk and his Enforcers, with Mary Jane a prisoner to keep Peter from trying to prove Fisk is the Kingpin of crime in New York. The timely arrival of Fisk’s wife, whom Wilson keeps in the dark about his lust for power because he loves her too much to lose her but not give up crime, brings an opening to keep Spider-Man alive. Peter, in both identities, tries to enlist Vanessa Fisk’s aid in locating Mary Jane, confirming what Mrs. Fisk suspected about her husband. With a final confrontation, Vanessa convinces Wilson to release Mary Jane. The Fisks make their escape, Wilson convincing Vanessa that he would give up crime, but secretly he plans to regain the crown of Kingpin someday.

What they got right: For a kids title loosely based on the 90s Fox cartoon, the comic does a good job with Fisk’s dual life, and his strange mix of obsession with crime and love for his wife. Peter doesn’t come of as a jerk as he tries to essentially use Vanessa to rescue MJ. The art is served resembling the aforementioned cartoon rather than the usual art style Marvel was using at the time; you know, the over-exaggerated ugly mess that was popping up at the time. DC did it too but not as often.

What they got wrong: Dutro must have been having an off day on a few pages because more than once word balloons point to the wrong person.

Recommendation: A better Spider-Man story than the 90s were giving us (I forget, was the Clone Saga happening around that time?) and between the previous issue and this one worth checking out.



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