M.A.S.K. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I need a filler to get my posting schedule back on track, since I’ll have the weekends available to me again for awhile. So I grabbed something quick from the Comics Alliance YouTube channel. MASK was one of those 80s shows I really enjoyed. I’ve also reviewed the mini-comics for Free Comic Inside and plan to get to the regular comics once the Acclaim/Valiant universe ends this week. With IDW bringing the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (because poor literacy makes the acronym spell right…or something) this is a good time to revisit the group as part of CA’s “You Think You Know Cartoons” series.

I’m saving the intro for a future My Favorite Intros, just so you know. However, I can sweeten things with the full-length song from the intro you may not have heard.


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  1. Sean says:

    MASK did have a cool theme song. It’s so 80s! The cartoon was excellent. I never watched the 2nd season of it, but it sounds like I would not have liked the race track concept. The fighting crime theme of the first season was better to see. MASK’s animation and story writing were well done. I do have one of the DC comics of it from the 1980s… the issue with the ancient Egypt museum. Solid story writing and decent artwork, so I do recommend that people look into the back issues. A movie combining MASK along with other Hasbro properties (including Visionaries which is a rather interesting creative property) would be something worth seeing at the cinema. It’s pretty awesome that a new MASK comic series is coming out soon. I’m pretty happy that these 80s creative properties keep returning to the comic books of the 21st century. That illustrates how dynamic those creations were and are!


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