I’m missing number 3 but I did look up a summary on DC Database to catch up.


They later settled things with a game of volleyball.

Zero Hour: Crisis In Time #2

DC Comics (September, 1994)


INKER: Jerry Ordway

COLORIST: Gregory Wright



EDITOR: KC Carlson

In the previous issue Extant removed his mask, revealing a face like Waverider’s. In this issue he claims to have stolen Waverider’s powers, and then sends him and the defeated JSA members back to their time period. As the Justice League treats the fallen, aged by Extant. Jay, also aged, decides to quit being the Flash, while the still young but defeated Alan Scott quits as Green Lantern, passing their respective mantles to Impulse and Kyle respectively. However, a gloved hand takes Alan’s de-powered and discarded ring. The remaining heroes split into two teams, one going into the past and the other into the future in the hopes of closing the rifts.

The future team is attacked by the Team Titans under Extant’s control, with only Mirage and Terra (not the same one who betrayed the Teen Titans…it’s complicated) able to fight the compulsion to attack the heroes. Tossing Metron’s chair, powered by Captain Atom’s power and opening a boom tube, manages to close the rift, which somehow closes the timeline that let to Extant forming the Team Titans and all but Terra and Mirage disappear. After the Time Trapper arrives to bring them back to the present the owner of that gloved hand reopens the rift. In the past more Team Titans and Extant attack the heroes. Waverider sends the other heroes home just as Extant (a past version of the one Waverider and the JSA fought at Vanishing Point) steals his powers, killing him.

What they got right: Nice swerve with different time periods of Extant. And we have a second player in the game. While the whole wiping the Team Titans (at least coming together as a team) angle is a cop-out for the overblown line-up, I’m not going to miss them so it’s fine. They weren’t all that interesting anyway beyond “look at all the cool powers we have”.

What they got wrong: Wait, when did Power Girl get pregnant and have a fetus that can create force fields? Did I miss something going on in the regular comics or a tie-in? And the floating city cliffhanger from last issue was done away with so quickly I don’t see the point. And why did Extant merge with his past self when his current self already has the powers his past self stole by virtue of being his past self’s future self? Man, time travel makes my head hurt.


Armageddon 2001 #2 killer headache

Recommendation: This is a terrible issue to start on. It’s not bad but you won’t know what’s going on, and even though I got caught up I’m still confused.


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