Thankfully this does not include Arcee in a bikini. Not that I wouldn’t put it past them mind you.

Transformers Summer Special

Dreamwave (May, 2004)

This anthology features stories from the then-current Generation One and Energon comics Dreamwave were producing as well as two previous Transformers series, Beast Wars and the original Robots In Disguise, that they hoped to make into a full comic. Of course that didn’t happen since Dreamwave shut down soon after this.

Generation One: “Welcome To The Jungle”

WRITERS: Brad Mick & Adam Patyk




INKER: Rob Armstrong




Transformers Energon: Perspective”

WRITER: Simon Furman (based on an idea by Aaron Archer

PENCILER: James Raiz

INKER: Erik Sander

COLORISTS: Elliot Kravchik & Sigmund Torre

FLATS: Kenny Li


It strikes me interesting that so many previous creators came back for these stories but the writers were the current titles’ writers.


Robots In Disguise: “Ultra Magnus…To The Rescue?”

WRITERS: Adam Patyk & Brad Mick

PENCILER: Rob Ruffolo

INKER: Erik Sander

COLORIST: David Cheung & Josh Perez

LETTERER: Shaun Linsao


Beast Wars: “Ain’t No Rat”

WRITERS: Brad Mick & Adam Patyk

PENCILER: Din Figueroa

INKER: Elaine To

COLORIST: Espen Grundetjern

FLATS: Kenny Li

LETTERER: Shaun Linsao

Finally done with credits. Let’s review some stories.

Planet Beest is the home of our G1 adventure, and fans of the Japanese series will remember that they somehow brought the Battle Beasts (any US kid from the 80s remember those?) into Transformer continuity here, and they even cameo. The Predacons have gone native and Megatron is up against the one who used to be their leader, Razorclaw. After a pretty decent fight Megatron is victorious and he not only restores the Predacons’ memories but introduces them to their new combined form…Predaking! And Pat somehow finds a way to draw Predaking like he’s using the potty and still thinks it’s some kind of power pose. Which brings up questions better left unanswered. Otherwise it’s a good story and introduces the Predacons into the Dreamwave G1 universe, as this story is canon.

The Energon story for some reason is not, and says so on the title page. I don’t know why it isn’t canon but as tight as that continuity is I can hazard a guess. This version of Megatron is grilling Snowcat and two Energon toys…I mean characters who weren’t in the original comic, Slugslinger and Sharkticon. (Actually, I’m trying to remember if they were even in the show.) All three of them failed to create blindspots in the Autobot HQ in Ocean City and when asked to explain why each discusses their failures. Actually, they exaggerate and lie about how badly they were beaten. Of course Megatron sees through these accounts immediately but Slugslinger did such a good job lying that he get promoted to second lieutenant. Oh those wacky Decepticons. This was a really fun story that I didn’t expect from Simon Furman, but something about Dreamwave and the Unicron Trilogy always brought out a good writer that I keep looking for in pretty much everything else. Which is why it’s so sad that these were the people who screwed him over so badly.

Okay, so the original Robots In Disguise toy and cartoon were taken from the Japanese series Car Robots after Hasbro shifted gears with their toyline. So don’t confuse this with the current Robots In Disguise which is part of the Prime continuity, which should not be confused with the Prime Trilogy toylines and web series and what the hell is going on at Hasbro marketing? I thought it was confusing when two separate running toylines had a character named Red Alert. Or was it three at that point? Anyway, this version of Megatron decides to test his two groups–Predacon and Decepticon (long story)–by having them steal a generator. The others are kept busy (actually, where are the Spychangers?) so Optimus has to go alone. Ultra Magnus shows up to show up his brother but when humans are threatened even Magnus has to act like an Autobot to protect them. However, Sky-Byte of the Predacon has gained a soft spot for the humans (long story) and comes up with a plan that both saves the humans and gets one over on Scourge and his Decepticons. It’s a story about rivalries really and while I enjoy the show it may not be the best showing as a pilot for a comic. We learn more about this continuity in the description than we do in the story.

Finally, the Beast Wars era. On the trip home Rattrap has a locked memory of testing a new vehicle for Rhinox (I’m not sure why) when he’s attacked by the Transmetal 2 clone of Dinobot. (Back in the day I made my one contribution to Transformers fandom by dubbing him Chopperfake in honor of Rattrap calling the original Chopperface, which he actually does in this story–nice callback.) He’s rescued by the non-show toys…characters…who tell him they don’t want to fight because they found their purpose and then Rattrap wakes up. This one is also not the best pilot. It establishes a potential story for the toys who didn’t appear in the show, which IDW and Simon Furman would later do in their Beast Wars comic, which I’ll get to at some point. And that’s basically it. “Hey, we want to do stories with the toys who didn’t appear in the show rather than mess with continuity.” “Okay, what’s their story?” “I don’t know, they just run into Rattrap and Dinobot 2.” Not really telling me why I should vote for this when the RID comic at least is connected to something I know.

The first two stories are pretty good and the art is good all around. The pilots however are not as engaging, with RID probably the most likely to get my vote for full-series since I know something about what story they’re playing with. Not that it matters since Pat Lee sunk the company before any of it could be made. I have this in the Dreamwave G1 section of the longbox because it’s the only story that’s part of an active continuity. It’s decent enough for the first two stories but not a must-own unless you want to know how G1 Megatron found the G1 Predacons.


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