There are times when themes throw me for a loop. This time it’s remembering what fights ended with a punch that I haven’t already used, like that time Sledge Hammer punched out Spider-Man. And this week’s comic offerings had nothing for me. At least nothing jaw-dropping. I can do some jaw-punching, so that will have to do. Besides, after seeing a hero punch another hero last week I’m going to pretend this is what it looks like, a villain punching a villain, although that sadly isn’t quite correct.

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“Power Punch” round 5

The Battlefield: MASK #2 (DC Comics; March, 1987) “Masquerade”

The Promoters: Michael Fleisher (script), Curt Swan (penciler), Kurt Schaffengerger (inker), Bob LeRose (colorist), and John Costanza (letterer)

Thinking Miles Mayhem dead, VENOM has been on a rampage as the members vie for leadership. Matt Trakker hires impersonator Adrian Armande to pretend to be Miles and lure VENOM into a trap. Too bad the real thing showed up.

He punched his face off!

He punched his face off!

Adrian may be a great impersonator, but he’s a lousy fighter. Although I do wonder how Miles made his arm do that. He’s not even wearing a mask.

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