Even the Ingram knows to be afraid when someone eats Noa’s piece of cake, and it’s a mindless vehicle.

Mobile Police Patlabor part 2 #4

Viz Comics (1998) originally published by Shogakukan, Inc

“Active Factor”

Yes, Viz finally left the chapter name in.




COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics


EDITOR: Julie Davis

The second Brocken manages to overcome the two Ingrams with a better pilot at the controls. As Special Vehicles Division 2 tries to live that down, a mystery woman (possibly called by Goto, or at least Shinohara seems to have caught on to them knowing each other) takes control of Noa’s Ingram, giving Ota the Ingram vs. Ingram fight he’s been looking for…and then he loses badly when the mystery pilot wrestles his Ingram to the ground, then chastises Noa for not utilizing those moves herself. And then she steps out of the Patlabor.

What they got right: I think we’re about to see the full potential of the human-like Patlabor. We did get hints with Noa tying knots with it. There’s also a funny moment when Shinohara tries to pull Noa away from the fight.

What they got wrong: Maybe I’m just in a mood today or something but I’m starting to not like Ota. When Sledge Hammer would tell you that you’re out of control you may be a bit extreme.

Recommendation: Still enjoying this series, and thinking other mecha robot fans will too.

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