A Christmas Carol (1971 film)

A Christmas Carol (1971 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Longtime readers know that I keep searching for the animated version of A Christmas Carol of my youth.  I have specific visions in my head of what the first and second ghosts (Christmas past and present) is like, as well as the scene where Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, trying to help Ebeneezer avoid his fate. It would be hard enough finding a live-action version, as there are so many. However, there are so many animated versions that it’s also hard to find, although probably a bit easier than the live one. But the one I keep looking for continues to elude me.

However, I did find one version that seems close. This 1982 version from Australia has some of the elements but they still don’t look right. The Ghost Of Christmas Past has a flame on his head, like a proto-Firestorm. The Ghost Of Christmas present wears green and is first seen on a pile of food. Basically a more realistic animated version of Rankin/Bass’ The Stingiest Man In Town; you know, the one where Tom Bosley plays “Jiminy Cricket” wannabe “B.A.H. Humbug”. Scrooge’s sister was also his older sister, not his younger one, or at least closer in age than in tonight’s offering. If memory serves the version I know was one, maybe two hours long. The search continues and I’m starting to wonder if the version I know even exists. But I hope you enjoy this one. Merry Christmas!


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