The video review will be next week unless something else goes wrong. So let’s talk video games!

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Like it or not, video games have earned a spot within the realms of media. What started as simply play has gone to become experiences that are impossible in real life. Video games are a target because they’re the newest media and someone has to find something wrong with it. This will probably continue until the next big media source, as happened to movies (and I’ll bet radio in the audio drama days), comic books, and television. Nobody complains about those anymore (despite how dark, sexual, and violent some of those medias are becoming) and the only result seems to be these media sources, including video games, leaving kids behind and thus leaving them with only books, the one media that still openly embraces the young while still creating media or other and in some cases a combination of age groups. You know, what we like to call “all-ages”, but for certain parties who want to look grown-up….

I’m going to keep using it as long as they keep acting like that. Besides, Cheerios are great!

One thing about media is that sometimes they can go beyond entertainment, and affect lives for the better. The negative tends to get more press, but the gang at Extra Credits decided to ask their audience to tell tales of video games changing their lives in positive ways. The three they chose are amazing stories, the last one which putting the garbage I’ve been through this year to shame. His tale is nothing short of miraculous but the two that precede it are also worth seeing. I said I’d end this year on a high note and these stories are it!

You can find more discussions on video games, gaming design, and subjects like history, on their YouTube channel.

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