Thus proving “it’s the thought that counts” can depend on the thought.

Garfield #32

Boom Studios/Kaboom (December, 2014)

COVER ART: Andy Hirsch

LETTERER: Steve Wands

DESIGNER: Kara Leopard


EDITOR: Rebecca Taylor

GROUP EDITOR: Shannon Watters


“Elf Esteem”

WRITER: Mark Evanier

ARTIST: Andy Hirsch

COLORIST: Lisa Moore


“Nermal And The Three Bears”

WRITER: Scott Nickel

ARTIST: Lissy Marlin

In the main story an elf doesn’t get his present wrapped in time to go onto the sleigh. Not wanting to be fired and having to become a leprechaun (hating raw potatoes), he delivers the present himself, but thanks to not being very good at his job he mistakes the name Odie for a girl’s name. However, he takes the doll and gives it to an orphan girl since Jon and Liz weren’t prepared for a new arrival at the orphanage they bought presents for. This was a very good Christmas story with Garfield, which isn’t a surprise since Evanier was a writer on the excellent Garfield And Friends cartoon. He’s willing to give up his lasagna budget to buy presents for the orphans who don’t get presents without being guilted into it. He immediately helps the elf find the “girl” who is supposed to get the present and tries to encourage him to not give up. It’s a good showing for him, Odie gets to make a little girl happy–it’s just a good Christmas story with Garfield and the gang.

The back-up story finds Nermal taking part in a fairy tale involving the three bears. Not wanting to be cliche and to make it cooler, he keeps trying to change the story to three robots, three ninjas, and even three of himself, with things not going his way. Which isn’t a surprise considering the guest creator is Garfield. A nice little nod to those Looney Tunes shorts where Bugs torments Daffy or Elmer gets back at Bugs by taking over the animation desk and a fun little story featuring the world’s cutest kitten.

I think even the Comic Strip Critic, who is on record as not usually liking the Garfield comics, would enjoy this comic. It’s a good Christmas offering, and even features some Christmas-themed strips at the end. Give this one a look.


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  1. Sean says:

    You can never go wrong with Garfield. Even to this day, Garfield is the only comic strip in the newspaper that I consistently read every day. Garfield is “the Top Cat” (see if any of you can make the connection with that remark) in my book!


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