“I shouldn’t have let Grune buy me a new shirt.”

Thundercats: The Return #1

WildStorm (April, 2003)

WRITER: Ford Lytle Gilmore


INKER: Joe Pimentel


LETTERER: John Layman


EDITORS: Ben Abernathy & Jeff Mariotte

It’s been five years since Lion-O entered the Book Of Omens, thanks to Mumm-Ra’s spell messing with how time flowed within the Book. One year after he left, Mumm-Ra managed to take over Thundera with more mutants from Plundarr, and remaking it in his image after the Thundarians returned to this planet. Now he commands the Ancient Spirits Of Evil (and without Skeletor this time), and has enslaved the Thundercats, even the now older Thunderkittens. (Wilykit has breasts and a sexy body now. Because Ed Benes.) Because even Mumm-Ra couldn’t destroy the key to the Book Of Omens he had it hidden. Snarf finds it four years later, and finally releases Lion-O back to the real world…and the Lord Of The Thundercats wants his kingdom and friends back!

What they got right: Okay, I have to review this honestly so I don’t come off as totally biased, and you can learn some good things here. (Remember, I review to make myself a better storyteller.) And I’m not necessarily against the concept of the Thundercats having to reclaim Thundera (no, wait, that was the title of the last miniseries). Actually, when I read this issue I thought this might be a good story. It’s what’s coming up, especially in I think the third issue that makes my childhood weep. I do like Lion-O’s new outfit, though, and I have to give Benes, Pimentel, and the uncredited colorist(s) props for making them look like the characters.

What they got wrong: Fun fact. When the show first aired on TV I was around Wilykit’s age, so if I had a Thundercrush it was her. (I’ve mentioned this before actually. Also one of the Warrior Maidens but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the show I can’t remember her name. It wasn’t the leader. I remember Willa’s name.) But seeing her five years later in a more grown-up body…wait, she’d have to be around fifteen by now, which makes putting her in a skimpy outfit rather creepy. At least teen girls get their own eye candy. Wilykat is ripped! But it gets more disturbing later on.

Recommendation: Before expelling this childhood rape (almost literally…really, #3 is going to be painful for all of us) from my collection I need to give it a proper review…just to warn the rest of you, ESPECIALLY the classic fans, from making my mistake and buying this. This issue starts well, but what’s to come is well-written and drawn, with full knowledge of Thundercat lore. WHICH MAKES WHAT COMING EVEN WORSE! Keep reading these reviews and you’ll see what I mean. #3, people. #3.

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  1. Sean says:

    Yikes….you’re keeping me in suspense…but in a scared kind of way. Your review makes me wonder what horrible things could happen later on in this particular comic book series.


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