You Don't Know Jack (video game series)

You Don’t Know Jack (video game series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the movie studios have no clue how to translate a video game, since unlike books they’ve never grown up with them and they can’t even get books right often enough, television creators, especially the world of animation, have had much better success. I mean, there have been stinkers there as well, but they’re still closer to the source material than pretty much anything ever shown on the big screen.

In the video below, Dan Ibbertson of Slopes Game Room, working with Guru Larry’s YouTube channel, lists five shows based on video games you may not have heard of. And one of them is a foreign game show.

Hey, someone else knows of the Virtua Fighter anime! I enjoyed the dubbed episodes and wish I could see the remaining episodes. I’d accept subs at this point.

I hope there’s a follow-up because there are tons more. While Pac-Man, the Mario Bros., Captain N, and Legend Of Zelda cartoons are becoming well-known there are a few more you should check out some time. Look for Dragon’s Lair (soon to be made into a movie by Don Bluth himself thanks to Kickstarter), or a game show called Starcade. They also made one based on You Don’t Know Jack starring Paul Rubens…but while it was interesting (mostly because of Rubens) it’s hardly a good adaptation, which is odd. YDKJ is structured like a game show and yet they still messed with the formula and rules. Why would you do that? That’s MORE work than you needed to do just to get the game all wrong.

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  1. Sean says:

    That Power Team show contained a rather unique mix of hero characters working together! It actually seems very random in those selections. My favorite video game cartoon when I was a kid is the Q-Bert show. That’s because Q-Bert was my favorite video game.


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