No, this is not grape-flavored Hulk.

Spider-Man Unlimited #3

Marvel (February, 2000)

“The Brute”

WRITER: Eric Stephenson


INKER: Harry Candelario

COLORIST: Mark Bernardo

LETTERING: Sharpefont & PT

EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

Peter is assigned to follow around the Counter-Earth version of Reed Richards, a rare human working with the Beastials, and even allowed into their parties as he searches for the Brute, a Hulk-like man-monster who has been causing trouble for the High Evolutionary, and even the Knights Of Wundagore have had no luck with him. Peter follows Reed to a party but before his lack of an ID Chip can be learned the Brute breaks up the party. Spider-Man tries to fight him but finds himself in trouble, only managing to get himself knocked out. Waking up in a warehouse the Brute owns, he finds Karen and Bromley are also there, as well as the Counter-Earth version of Ben Grimm. In this reality Richards tried to find an asteroid base owned by the High Evolutionary but instead their ship was bombarded with cosmic radiation, killing Johnny and putting Sue in a coma, while Richards could transform himself into the Brute, which he uses to disrupt the overlord’s plans.

What they got right: Cosmic rays in the Marvel universe reacts differently for everyone so why not turn an alternate Reed into a Hulk-like monster? And the idea of someone pretending to help the Beastials just to strike at their dominion is a cool idea. We also see that lacking an ID chip has advantages as well as disadvantages for Spidey.

What they got wrong: Counter-Earth in the show isn’t some alternate dimension. Alternate versions of the Green Goblin and Electro, for example, are coincidence and are far removed from their Earth counterparts. Here we have exact versions of the Fantastic Four, but under different circumstances in their history. This isn’t the last time the comic will do that, and it’s not in keeping with the show. Maybe the regular Marvel version of Counter-Earth, I don’t have any stories from there, but not in the show.

Recommendation: A good Spidey tale, but not great. Unless you enjoyed the show like I did this may not scratch your spider-itch. Especially if your spider-itch comes from a spider bite. Then get that looked at.

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