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English: The logo for Game Theory userbox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the really anticipated games coming out is For Honor, a game that bends space/time and has Vikings, Knights, and Samurai fighting out to see who is the best. Two of the game theory channels I follow have weighed in on this debate going into the game, Game Theory and Gnoggin, and came to different conclusions. MatPat declared that all things being equal the Samurai would take this fight without flinching. However, Lockstin, joined by fellow theorist Doctor Wily (yes, named after Mega Man’s arch nemesis), concluded the Knight would win, with Lockstin adding things after his video was edited to further debunk MatPat. Who is right? Well, here are the two videos so you can decide for yourself.

While I love both shows, frankly I thought the knight would be the winner as well, and that’s without the extra info I learned from the Gnoggin video. The knight’s gear is more advanced because it’s later. The knights wouldn’t last long against modern day military forces. Like Lockstin said, we’re pretty good at finding new ways to kill the enemy while protecting ourselves. Plus the knights have better swords, crossbows, and more advanced techniques. But who do you think would have won? Are you the rare supporter for the Viking? I don’t think it matters in the game since as was said in the videos the game itself has to be more balanced or the game would suck for your favorite warrior if he turns out the be the worst historically. Play your favorite fighting style and trust your enemy isn’t overly powered gamewise regardless of who would win historically. Personally I’d choose this.

Dodekain #4

Larger than a planet robot wins every time. 😀

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  1. Sean says:

    Very interesting historical information on these three warrior classes from three different societies. I even learned a few new things about the Vikings, Samurai, and Knights. I only got to watch part of the 2nd video, so I will have to go back to that later this weekend to see how the first video’s conclusion was debunked.


  2. Sean says:

    This month’s National Geographic magazine has an excellent article about the Vikings. It’s important to remember that the Vikings weren’t just warriors. They also contributed in peaceful ways to countries where they conquered. For instance, the Vikings did settle down in Ireland marrying Irish women. Their Norse-Gael descendants (half Nordic Viking, half native Irish) did become part of Ireland’s gene pool and society. Also, the Vikings founded the trading ports of Dublin, Waterford, Cork, and Limerick which still exist today as Irish cities. So it wasn’t all about pillaging, plunder, mayhem, and violence for the Vikings.

    I fully recommend that people read the Vikings article in this month’s National Geographic.


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