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NiGHTS Into Dreams #2

Archie (March, 1998)

“Day Dreams And Nightmaren”

PLOT: Dan Slott




INKER: Harvo

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: J. Freddy Gabrie

While NiGHTS takes control of Elliot’s body in the waking world, Elliot uses NiGHTS’ body to take on the Nightmaren while Claris is awake. However, Wiseman has the same trick with Roger and Reala, inhabiting each other’s body so Reala can find the other Perfect Dreamer. By fusing Napp to a Nightmaren he is under their control and he tells Wiseman about the gateway. He sends a Shleep into the waking world to knock Claris out while NiGHTS and Reala get into shenanigans in the waking world. Wiseman offers Claris a chance to achieve her dreams if she gives up her dream energy. Not realizing this is a mistake, she agrees while Snuze’s attempt to wake her is met with the Nightmared Napp and an army of Nightmaren within the gateway.

What they got right: Outside of a few elements the pacing was better this issue. There are still obvious exposition shortcuts taken to move the adaptation through the miniseries, something they’ve gotten better at by the Mega Man comics and Sonic game adaptation specials. There is still improvement. I like how NiGHTS came up with a way to help Claris but was still able to save Elliot with Jackel, who failed to corrupt Elliot the way Wiseman just did with Claris.

What they got wrong: It is still short. I can imagine some more hi-jinks should NiGHTS (in Elliot’s body) and Reala (in Roger’s body) have run into each other, confusing the daylights out of Claris, plus the aforementioned speedups via exposition.

Recommendation: Mild recommendation. The pacing is better but still needs work to keep us interested in the events going on.

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