I didn’t win any of the fights this tournament, which is too bad because I may have the biggest blast. Not the biggest ever. After all, I had a fight where a planet-sized robot punched the whole planet. You can’t outdo that! This one is a little more likely and I haven’t used it yet. And it’s a comic I reviewed this week. Let’s do some…damage.

Friday Night Prize Fight logo

Power Punch prize fight: Powerful Punch

The Battlefield: Damage #0 (DC Comics; October, 1994) “Back Again”

The Promoters: Tom Joyner (writer), Bill Marimon (penciler), Don Hillman (inker), Buzz Setzer (colorist), and Bob Pinaha (letterer)

Damage is trying to get some guy to admit he’s his father. To be fair, the kid’s been to the end of time and back, and he was getting the runaround before that, so he’s a bit….stressed.


I can’t tell if he hit Munro or just punched the ground.

Um, Damage, you’re supposed to punch an actual person.

I think he's punching him for that lame earring.

I think he’s punching him for that lame earring.

That’s good but this is the prize fight. We could use something a little bigger.

"Clean-up on aisle...never mind!"

“Clean-up on aisle…never mind!”

Yeah, Grant…that was a whole mall you just blowed up. So as for who got knocked out…

"Come on, kid. Let's get yo a broom."

“Come on, kid. Let’s get yo a broom.”

Who wasn’t?

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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