I realize I’m still trying to catch up with last year but I thought one of the promotion points for Star Trek: Discovery was that it had the first female captain since the disaster that was Katherine Janeway (not because she’s a woman because she was horribly written). Now I’m reading this article from ScreenCrush stating that the new captain is a man. What am I getting wrong? Also, shouldn’t they have a captain already considering how far along they are? And if they’re setting this before the original Star Trek series but after Enterprise (speaking of disasters), will they remember that the popular symbol was originally exclusive to the USS Enterprise (every ship and station having their own symbol) until sometime during the movie period or will they make the mistake of having the Enterprise symbol aboard the USS Discovery?

You know, I’m having second thoughts about this series. Just as well that I can’t spare money for the “All Access” service CBS is putting this on. Streaming sites are getting worse than cable when it comes to getting shows.


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