As much as we all wanted Peter Parker to be Peter Parker, Ben Reilly was a good character…although I hear that’s changed in the recent “they’re totally not clones in the same way the Black Lanterns weren’t zombies” story arc. It’s too bad because this Spider-Man Team-Up issue I have shows Ben at his best as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In this story he and Gambit join forces against a Tombstone and a drug dealer using voodoo powder to create the next addictive drug. Two mistakes: they messed with Gambit’s friend, and one of them Spidey has a grudge against.

“Boom” round 2

The Battlefield: Spider-Man Team-Up #5 (Marvel Comics; December, 19960 “Crescent City Memories”

The Promoters: Darick Robertson (writer/penciler), Jerome K. Moore (inker), Tom Smith (colorist), and Bill Oakley (letterer)

Gambit’s friend used to be a crooked guy but now he’s gone straight, and turns down the offer to turn his new nightclub into a druggie paradise with a powder that will make people come back to his club, not realizing the air itself is giving them a fix. So Creaux gives him a face full of deadly powder (which Ben knows how to cure after a similar encounter with the man during his travels) and Gambit is out for payback!

Man, he hasn’t been this mad since he found out about Rogue and Sentinel. Because we all know how stupid that was.

Meanwhile, Spidey had been tossed to the crocodiles. Now he’s out and ready to stop the drugged powder from covering the crowd.

But will that help the drunk guy who thinks it’s a hacky sack?

Not surprisingly the fall takes care of Creaux, but an undercover narcotics officer that both Ben and Remy had their eye on before this all started tries to help against Tombstone, and just gets herself in trouble. Lucky for her there are two superheroes in the house.

“Bad enough there’s a love triangle tonight. We don’t want to make it a square.”

Glad this never happened when I used to go clubbing.

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