That’s why she gets sick in this issue! The pollen from those things must be intense.

Oh My Goddess! Part 5 #7

Dark Horse (March, 1998), originally published by Kodansha, English version produced by Studio Proteus

“Miss Keiichi: Together For Never”

WRITER/ARTIST: Kosuke Fujishima

TRANSLATION: Dana Lewis & Toren Smith


DESIGN: Amy Arendts

EDITORS: Dave Chipps & Rachel Penn

Yggdrasil, the computer that controls Heaven in this universe, is back online. The Creator himself calls Urd to recall her for a remedial course that will get her Goddess license back, and calls Skuld to get a proper license to train on Earth, the Creator believing it’s doing her good. This leaves Keiichi and Belldandy alone for the first time since Urd’s arrival and Urd insists now is the time to make his move while Skuld programs her robot Teipei to make sure he doesn’t. It’s a moot point because thanks to an earlier story Bell falls ill and Kei’s attempt to use Urd’s medicine without knowing the code turns his upper half into a girl (thankfully his lower half is still dude parts). After numerous tries he manages to get in contact with Urd and learns the right medicine to heal Belldandy, but since he was forced to push it in her mouth with his Teipei misunderstands and attacks. Belldandy awakens to the usual chaos.

What they got right: Apparently Keiichi and Belldandy have spent so little time alone that it’s hard for him to start a normal conversation with her, and with Teipei sneaking around it’s even harder. This shows to what levels Keiichi will go to help Belldandy not out of self-interest but out of compassion and love for her. We also get an appearance from his sister Megumi and still no motorcycle club.

What they got wrong: Oddly convenient that Urd happens to be on call when Keiichi finally gets through. Also, there are times I like Skuld and times I don’t. This is a case of the latter. Her jealously over Belldandy wanting to do something other than play with her back in Heaven gets annoying at times.

Recommendation: This is still a good lighthearted series that’s worth taking a look at.


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