The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor

The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes a movie runs too long (unless you’re Peter Jackson…then it never runs long enough) and a scene gets deleted. Or sometimes the producers want something changed or the vision changes but usually it’s that first one. The bad part is when the cutting room floor is the home to a scene that was important to explains what the editor probably considered a minor plothole but then the audience begs to differ. From Cracked comes two videos demonstrating just such a situation, although in two cases it was a major change to the story.

And if you think we’re done with T2, the gang in Middle Earth, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, check the next video out.

Personally I prefer Deckard NOT being a replicant since it makes his love for Rachel all the more interesting if he’s human. I know there are supporters of both but that’s just how I feel. I Am Legend isn’t my kind of movie so I can’t judge.

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