The sad thing is someone approved this cover.

Thundercats: Dogs Of War #3

WildStorm (October, 2003)

“Pack Of Lies” You know, like a pack of dogs dear God make it stop!


PENCILERS: Joe Praoo & Brett Booth

INKERS: Al Vey & Eric Nguyen


SELECTED COVER ART: Francisco Herrera & Sandra Hope


EDITOR: Alex Sinclair


Nobody is happy with this new alliance, including the Mutants. Lion-O challenges them to a fight to see who will lead this and the mutants accept…and get beaten down. Lion-O offers to send them back to Plundarr if they cooperate. However, Doberlord planted traitors into this team-up, so when Mumm-Ra and Lion-O come up with a plan to capture him, they are betrayed by Jackalman. (SPOILER: His motivation is that he’s also canine, so you can guess who the other traitor is revealed to be next issue.)

What they got right: The bad blood between both factions not dying down even after 15 years makes all kinds of sense. It was interesting to see Vultureman wanting to help with the Thundertank, although they never say if it’s out of boredom waiting for the meeting, the prospect of finally going home, or any other reason. The fight was decent enough. And Lion-O’s hair is back in its proper look, if not a bit long. Makes the beard look less terrible.

What they got wrong: Why are they calling it New Thundera when the previous miniseries have established they were dropping the “new”. And why is Wilykat so surprised that Mumm-Ra can disguise them. He used disguises quite often to strike at the Thundercats. Also, Wilykat is suddenly suspicious of Bobcat because he has a crush on Wilykit. I know it’s just a red herring but it’s not a very good one and will go nowhere.

Recommendation: This still isn’t very interesting but it’s one of the less stupid issue thus far. Don’t worry, it gets stupid again and you still shouldn’t pick this up, but this issue showed better potential than the series ever achieved.

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4 responses »

  1. Sean says:

    Why don’t you like the cover?


    • Did you look at the thing?


      • Sean says:

        Yes, Jackalman looks like a regular pet dog, and Lion-O has that “lumbersexual look”. (at least that’s how the new Shaggy is described as in the updated Scooby Doo comics). On the other hand, Vulture Man and Monkian look decently drawn on the cover. So I’m assuming it must be that you’re concerned about how Jackalman and Lion-O are depicted there. Hopefully, that’s not how the artwork was inside the comic!


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