After the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rival studio Warner Brothers (who owns DC Comics) wanted to get in on that. Like everyone else has. Lucasfilm, who like Marvel is now owned by Disney, is doing the same thing with Star Wars and Hasbro is rumored to be trying something with their properties in movie form while IDW is forming one with the Hasbro comics, for better or for worse. DC and Warner Brothers however are not seeing Marvel Studio’s success. Owen of Owen Likes Comics does a guest appearance on NerdSync to explain why he things DC is having so much trouble and I have to agree with him.

I would also add that I don’t DC has a long-term goal in mind outside of creating a shared universe, and they don’t know how to. Marvel’s movies are building up to a take on The Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos. Star Wars isn’t even trying for the longform narrative and is just building on the original trilogy, the one that fans still connect with. DC is just trying to create a shared universe without any thought as to why. Which considering how unfocused the New 52 was in creation shows nobody at Warner Brothers understands what they’re doing with this property. As a DC fan who sees these as more than an IP to make money with that saddens me.

I remember a long time ago when the That Guy With The Glasses (now Channel Awesome) forums started a collaboration of reviewers each taking a Land Before Time sequel and reviewing it, passing the baton to the next reviewer on the list. It went so well that other collaborations started up. You may remember it was a Godzilla collab that drew me into doing more than convention videos. But those lacked the focus and arrangement of the “Land Before Timelords” and they all fell apart. I don’t think the Godzilla one was every completed and some of those guys don’t even make reviews anymore, plus they were never done in chronological order. DC and Warner Brothers seem to be making the same mistake and I can only hope they find their own counterpart to Kevin Fiege, the guy who has made the MCU so good, and learns from his successes rather than the base idea, which sadly is how a project run more by marketing than good storytelling tends to fail at.

And before I forget, if you liked Owen’s commentary in this guest appearance and want to see more of his work, check out his YouTube channel.


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