“Escape that letter O!”

Justice League Task Force #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“The Gathering”

WRITER: Mark Waid

PENCILER: Sal Velluto

INKER: Jeff Alerect

COLORIST: Dave Grafe

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Ruben Diaz

Using the island donated to him by the now-reformed Professor Ivo, J’onn J’onzz wants to use the robot-manned city as a place to train new heroes. Joined by L-Ron (a robot who around this point was in the body of the villain Despero…I don’t get it either), the Martian Manhunter also recruits Triumph, who misses a phone call from an old friend, Gypsy, over the protests of her sensei/boyfriend Bronze Tiger, and The Ray, a man made of hard light. However, the Ray is under attack from the Cabal, who has to capture him for some reason, and the others have to help him take them down.

What they got right: The idea of training future heroes is a good one.

What they got wrong: Everything else. Why is L-Ron in Despero’s body? Why is J’onn so dismissive of the robotic citizens on the island when he has friends who were built by Ivo. For that matter, L-Ron used to be a robot but J’onn doesn’t share his desire to not kill the robots because L-Ron is now in an organic body. Why recruit someone who doesn’t like him (Gypsy)? As is The Ray supposed to be an instructor or a student given he’s a kid? Also, J’onn decides to talk behind Triumph’s back about worrying that he might decide, due to being drawn out of time or something so he couldn’t become a famous hero like Superman, to go crazy Plutonian style and demand his fame. Way to trust someone you brought into the group, J’onn!

Recommendation: This comic really didn’t make me interested in this team. I like the alleged idea but I’m not seeing much sign of it here.


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