Well, fighting semi-cute mechanical animals has done well enough for me in the past, so why not try it again? This time it’s a robot in his underwear fighting a walking shark robot. The comic may be American, but the story is still Japan. And Japan likes to be weird, which we love it for.

Boom round 7

The Battlefield: The Original Astro Boy #2 (NOW Comics; October, 1987)

The Promoters: Michael Dimpsey (writer) and Ken Steacy (artist)

Astro Boy went looking for a robot he made friends with, and found Cybershark instead. What’s a Cybershark?

This beatdown brought to you by the letter “R”.

I should probably end here since it’s the biggest noise of the fight, but you know I can’t stop with the villain winning.

How did he fall backwards and land on his face?

But this is one robot shark who doesn’t know when to give up, and Astro is fresh out of robo-dolphins.

“Great, and my dentist is out of town for the week.”

Looks like our boy robot is going fishing.

“Robo-sushi anyone?”

And of course he runs off and leaves someone else to clean up the mess.

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  1. Sean says:

    Quite a battle! Yes, this bring me back down memory lane. I loved that artwork in the Astro Boy comics. The colors were so vivid that it made the artwork look painted.


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