I know I missed the Friday Night Fights again. I had another sleepless night so this is kind of a filler post but I get to talk about something cool, which is a good trade off. Don’t forget to go vote in this week’s FNF tournament though. Now on to business!

That’s where they keep all the swords from the show.

I’ve written about Man-At-Arms: Reforged on many occasions. It’s fascinating watching how they create real-life, fully deadly versions of swords from TV, movies, and video games. Now the Staggler Brothers and the rest of Baltimore Knife & Sword are giving the TV crowd what the internet should already love, because the show is getting on the El Rey Network!

Unfortunately I don’t have the tier that allows me to watch El Rey but hopefully they’ll do something on the AWE.Me YouTube channel where I do get to watch their show. I’m glad the show will be getting wider exposure so please support the series. You may find it enjoyable, even if they work on a weapon you wouldn’t otherwise be interested in because it’s not from something you watch. The process is still interesting.

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