“Hulk able to walk. Not need to be carried.”

Marvel Adventures #7

Marvel Comics (October, 1997)

Hulk: “The Monster And The Immortal”

WRITER: Ralph Macchio


INKER: Harry Candelario

COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley

LETTERER: Michul Higgins

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

Immortus kidnaps Bruce to convince him to create weapons for his war with the Mole Man for control of the underground world. Banner refuses, even after being given a sample of the magic water that keeps Immortus young. That water also keeps him from becoming the Hulk, which isn’t good (for a change) when Immortus captures Betty and Rick to force Bruce to reveal the formula that activate the gamma bomb he’s copied. With Bruce no longer required he sentences all three to death, but Betty in trouble allows Bruce to become Hulk, who defeats Immortus, unknowingly burying his access to the waters of youth.

What they got right: The fight between Hulk and Immortus’ robot was pretty neat. As a concept the story works if they’re trying to build off the UPN cartoon.

What they got wrong: The art is still terrible. Why would Immortus allow himself to get that old? Just to show off to Bruce? And why is he obsessed with Merlin in this story? Just because Merlin banished him here but Immortus found a way to almost live forever?

Recommendation: Better than this series has seen thus far, which really isn’t saying much, just enough to be the first issue I’ll be keeping. Otherwise, it’s not something you really need to track down but it might be worth taking a look at if you see it. It’s still not much. Maybe I’m just happy to have an issue that isn’t terrible?


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