Let’s make this one quick because I’m under the gun here. The Legion Of Super-Heroes are newly formed…again…and are dealing with their first threat…again. Seriously, I’m glad I never got into that series because it’s been rebooted more times than the rest of the DC Universe, and that’s too many to begin with.

“Boom” round 9

I know I’ve missed quite a few this tournament. I’ve been sick. At least it’s not as bad as last year, right? 🙂

The Battlefield: Legionnaires #0 (DC Comics; October, 1994) “Close Encounters”

The Promoters: Mark Waid & Tim McCraw (plot, McCraw as writer and colorist) Jeffery Mov (penciler), Ron Boyd (inker), and Pat Brosseau (letterer)

Saturn Girl and Live Wire are trying to track down a would-be assassin. Unfortunately the assassin got her first…or would have if not for an ambassador’s daughter who decided to play hero. And can phase through things like walls. And laser beams.

I just realized Live Wire made a horrible pun.

Two weeks worth of onomatopoeia for the price of one. Just playing catch-up.

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