With Free Comic Book Day this Saturday I’m hoping I can get myself there. I haven’t driven much in over a year (if you don’t know why, you must be new here, so I’ll direct you to last year’s postings–especially if “hospital” is your favorite word), and I’ve been having trouble getting my sleep cycle back on track. I’m expecting most of this year’s want list to be long gone by the time I get there. They disappear fast after all. I haven’t even checked to see what guests are going to be at my comic store of choice, Legends Of Superheroes in Middlebury, CT.

I also won’t be able to buy any comics since my income is still $0 (points to the top of the sidebar with a wink) but I beg you to do so if you go. The comic stores who participate pay for these “free” books out of their own pocket and the comic store industry has been struggling to survive and rebrand. They’re mostly run by fellow fans (now that the speculator market’s burst) so please show them some love when you get your free comics.

So what comics do I hope is still there? I went through the previews on the official FCBD site focusing on titles that interest me (I’m not interested in Archie’s current offerings and I don’t even watch the actual Fresh Of The Boat series, so a tie-in comic doesn’t grab my attention) and came up with the following list from the gold and silver offerings. Will any of them be there when and if I arrive? I won’t know until Saturday. Note that these links will probably disappear when it’s time to promote the 2018 Free Comic Book Day, so this really isn’t for the archives.


FCBD 2017 Boom Studios Summer Blast: There’s three stories but the only one that interests me is the latest Mouse Guard short. However, I am a proud supporter of all-ages comics, even if I only get the ones that interest me. There’s also a kid who is hiding the fact that he’s a ghost or something, and one about a girl who just moved into a city with some kind of mythological beings as neighbors…I’m not sure what’s happening there. I’ll still read them; they’re in the book after all, but Mouse Guard is the one I want to check out.

FCBD 2017 Doctor Who: The preview only shows the current Doctor and the Titan Comics debut of his upcoming companion, Bill. I’m hoping there’s an explanation of why a girl is named Bill beyond the old “dad wanted a boy” cliché. I’m hoping they do one for the classic Doctors at one point because I know they’re starting to get some comics as well.

Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken: I don’t remember The Next Generation having a “mirror universe” episode, although Deep Space Nine and Enterprise have both played in the story created by the original series of an evil alternate universe. It’s also popped up in comics (both DC and Marvel have tried it, but DC’s was more interesting) so this is IDW’s take, a preview of the upcoming TNG miniseries Mirror Broken and I admit I’m rather curious.

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Ocarina Of Time: While I have only played the Zelda games on NES and one on CD-I (and sadly it’s as bad as you’ve heard), and only completed the first NES games, I do like the lore of the franchise even though I’m not usually a fantasy person. So a comic adapting two of the most popular recent games is something I’m curious to check out.

Wonder Woman #1 Special Edition: Or more precisely the Wonder Woman since DC finally got their act together (I don’t expect that to last without a regime change) and started the whole Rebirth event. This is Diana’s new origin becoming Wonder Woman (or part of it at least) and I want to see if they’ve fixed anything.


I keep forgetting which one is usually the most abundant (meaning cheaper for the comic stores)

DC Super Hero Girls: I’m probably the only adult male who finds this take on the DCU’s superheroines interesting, adaptation errors aside. Re-imagining them as high school students and yet still bringing the crimefighting is a pretty cool idea. And the boys aren’t useless in this show. The girls are the focus but the boys do okay, so it also shows girls and boys can work together, while finally providing little girls with superheroes they can aspire to be. I haven’t seen it in comic form so this should be interesting.

Miraculous: I seem to be the only person in geekdom to have never been exposed to this series. I don’t even know what channel plays it or who streams it, but the only reason I know who Ladybug and Cat Noir are is seeing their costumes all over ConnectiCon. If they have this one left over by the time I get to the comic store this will be my introduction.

Steam Wars Strike Leader: I wrote off Steam Wars as a steampunk parody of Star Wars that I couldn’t spend my dwindling income on. And then I saw the comic reviewed on Atop The Fourth Wall and learned that they are doing some different things and that it wasn’t a parody at all, more like an homage with some unique takes on Star Wars lore. Now I want to check this thing out.

The Tick: It’s the Tick. I need a better reason? No, I do not.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: One of the titles I’ve missed reading is the IDW run on TMNT. I want to get caught up.

Underdog: GASP A comic that isn’t just a grim and gritty not-stalgic remake but something that actually resembles the show I grew up watching (in reruns but still…)? I want to see more!

How many of these will still be there I can’t say. Whether or not I want to get myself out there considering how nervous I was last time (another reason to wait until the heavy crowds are gone even if there is little left) I also can’t say. Well, I want to, but can I? I’ll certainly try. You’ll know for certain if my Twitter feed has the hashtag #BW_FCBD and I start posting live tweets before a proper review of whatever I was able to get, if anything, later next week. Wish me luck people, and buy something since I can’t. Remember, they’re paying out of pocket so look around and buy a few comics or a collectable or a graphic novel or a trade collection or something to thank them. Happy Free Comic Book Day! We know one person who will be celebrating.

On the other hand…FREE COMICS!

I do draw better than that now, right? Right? Anyone?


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I hope you get to enjoy Free Comics Day 2017, and I hope that your favorite store still allows you as many free comic titles as you desire. In today’s Hartford Courant, it listed all the comic stores for the Hartford region and what maximum number of free titles they allow a consumer to get on Free Comics Day. They all had limits ranging from 2 to 5 free comics per person. Most of my region’s comic stores tend to go with limits of 3 free titles. My town’s comic store still allows only 2 free titles. So if I do go in there this Saturday, I will try to snag the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one (last time I got TMNT comics was in the 80s, curious to see what it’s like now) and the Captain Canuck one (I have issue 2 from the 70s, so I want to see what a 21st century Captain Canuck is like). I think it’s fitting that Captain Canuck seems to be returning because this year is the 150th anniversary (sesquicentennial) of when Canada became an independent country from Britain….what is known as Confederation.


  2. Sean says:

    I checked your comic store’s facebook page. So far, they don’t indicate any limits on the free titles that people can pick up. You’re very lucky because in this area where I’ve been living for the past 14 and a half years, the comic stores are very stingy with the free comics they hand out on Free Comics Day. You should be feeling very lucky and happy that your area contains a comic store that truly lets people enjoy Free Comics Day.


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