It’s no spoiler this isn’t ending well for Starscream. Waking up in the morning never ends well for Starscream.

Transformers: Infiltration #6


IDW Publishing (June, 2006)

WRITER: Simon Furman


COLORIST: John Rauch

COLOR ASSISTS: Simon Bork, Mark Englert, Aaron Myers, Sunder Raj, & Kevin Senft

LETTERER: Robbie Robbins

EDITORS: Chris Ryall & Dan Taylor

Megatron is coming to, as Prowl put it, put his house in order. But Starscream is ready for him, supercharged on Ore-13. He’s not as ready as he thinks as Megatron pretty easily hands Starscream his head module…before blowing it off. The Autobots arrive only to contain the battle, allowing the Decepticons to leave since this is too much for his little team. He heads back to call in the big guns, but as they return to the Ark they find Ratchet and the humans aren’t alone. The biggest gun is there…Optimus Prime!

What they got right: Verity has a minor breakdown when the others tell her it’s okay to be scared. Heck, all three of them held up better than I would, and Verity’s being trying to be tougher than makes sense so she’s probably earned that little moment. The reveal of Optimus was good, although we’ll see more of him in the next two miniseries.

What they got wrong: So is this Ore-13 not all it’s cracked up to be? Starscream can apparently move so fast his blasts come out of nowhere (or the artist goofed that panel) and send Megatron flying but for all the build-up, plus how it still factors with MASK in modern IDW titles, it’s a bit of a let down. Megatron didn’t seem to feel it. And the Machination shows up again. Do we really care about them at this point? RATT. Sector 7. MECH. The villains of Griffin Rock. Frankly, the Machination fails to impress even when they do matter to the story later on. The concept has been done before and better.

Recommendation: This first miniseries was pretty good; odd considering Furman’s stories don’t usually elicit a positive response from me. It’s a good re-reintroduction of the Transformers to comics, and to this continuity. It’s worth checking out, and there are more to come.

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