“Wait, is that Verity’s webcam? While I’m swimming?”

Transformers: Devastation #1

IDW Publishing (September, 2007)

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTIST: E.J. Su (also selected cover)

COLORIST: Zac Atkinson

LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITOR: Dan Taylor

Nightbeat and Bumblebee uncover how the humans found them, but still don’t know what the card with an M on it means. Wheeljack and Hot Rod go searching for Ironhide’s remains when Ratchet manages to track them down. Megatron decides to abandon his own protocol to have Sixshot destroy the Autobots, which concerns the other troopers. They’re hoping Starscream can somehow get him back to his senses. Meanwhile, Skywatch hopes to use a “conditioned” Ravage to track down his fellow Decepticons. Sideswipe gets his wish when Hound’s team is called to back up the Earth Autobots, but while the Earth Autobots take off they’re attacked by Sixshot, who promptly shoots the Ark down…right over Knoxville, Tennessee!

What they got right: I do like the art, and there are some good stories here.

What they got wrong: But that’s the problem. Stories! Plural. There’s four or five different storylines going on at the same time. Why does Furman have so much trouble keeping to one storyline at a time (with maybe one backup) and how did Dreamwave reel him in (and sadly were the ones who didn’t pay him)? And why is nobody keeping Verity and Jimmy up to date on what’s going on? Did they even know the ship was taking off? They had so little panel time I thought they were let off before the ship launched during the preliminary leaf-through.

Recommendation: Any recommendation is based on where this story arc is going. If it goes well then this is worth picking up. If the ADD continues, however, it might not be worth checking out. Hopefully these storylines come together soon.

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