Black Lighting, cover details, Justice League ...

Black Lighting, cover details, Justice League of America #12. Art by Alex Ross. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The CW has release a “first look” trailer for Black Lightning, the show based on a DC black hero who was always black. It’s about time. We haven’t gotten a DC hero of color that was created as such since the DCAU’s John Stewart and Static, and it’s good that the actual heroes of color in the DC Universe are finally getting out there. Now we need a few more of the women who aren’t Supergirl and Wonder Woman. No, I don’t care about Katana on Suicide Squad because they made her a villain and it was Suicide Squad. Plus it’s based on the Suicide Squad and I never cared about that series anyway.

I tend not to bother with teasers because they don’t tell anything. This however gives us stuff to actually make decent speculations on while getting an idea of what the show will be like. So let’s take a look.

Hey, a superhero with a family. We actually can do that, whomever called for Lian Harper’s death! See also Animal Man. We don’t see a lot of Jeff’s kids to learn much about them but we do see some good moments with them that show they have a healthy father/daughters connection and that the daughters may have superpowers of their own.

From what I can tell Black Lightning’s powers are coming from his suit, which a little research shows was actually true in his early years until the powers became internalized. The 100 is also a threat from those early years, more of a criminal organization than the street gang the trailer seems to be portraying. From what I’ve heard the show will not be taking place in either the “Arrowverse” (which includes the Flash and the Legends Of Tomorrow) or the Supergirl universe, which is kind of disappointing. I’d like to see it in the latter, partly to give Kara another superhero to hang out with from time to time and because it means a kind of segregation, with the black heroes in another universe. (Martian Manhunter doesn’t count because he’s not really black, you might have a case for Guardian except he’s a recolored Jimmy Olsen–a character live-action productions can’t get right when he’s white, and Jason became part of Firestorm only because the actor who played Ronnie in The Flash didn’t want to do it, while in the comics the current team is Ronnie and Jason.) Why not let them join one of the other universes while still keeping their adventures apart from the others?

Overall though I’m still really interested in this version. It got my attention more than the moodier Cloak And Dagger, based on the Marvel property, or any of the X-Men-based series. I just hope it’s as good as it appears to be.


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