Legends of the Dark Crystal

Legends of the Dark Crystal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Netflix continues to make nostalgic geeks happy, and of course I still can’t afford it. Now they’re doing a prequel to Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal which takes place some time after the Urskeks separated into the Skesis and Mystics. I wonder if it will remember the other prequels that came out, that told the origin of the Dark Crystal’s shattering? Brian Froud worked on both that, this, and the original movie.


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  1. Sean says:

    Sounds good! I also just read your 2010 review of the prequel volume 2. Dark Crystal was an awesome creation. Good to see it’s had some manifestations in comics and now again with television. I do remember that as a kid, I had the 1980s comic book version of the Dark Crystal movie. In fact, I may have gotten it at one our elementary school’s famous book fairs. Alas, that comic is long gone.

    See…you are a fantasy fan because you like Neverending Story, Dark Crystal, Masters of the Universe, and Thundercats. There’s different kinds of fantasy fans. You’re just not a Dungeons and Dragons/Lord of the Rings type of fantasy fan. Somehow, that type of fantasy fan has become the stereotyped view of what a fantasy fan is all about.


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