“I knew I left a cake in the oven!”

Transformers: Stormbringer #1

IDW Publishing (July, 2006)

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTIST: Don Figueroa

COLORIST: Josh Burcham

COVER ART: Rob Ruffolo

LETTERER: Robbie Robbins

EDITORS: Chris Ryall & Dan Daylor

Set around the events of Infiltration, Optimus receives Ironhide’s report but he’s about to have a distraction. Long ago on Cybertron an event happened that was so bad Autobot and Decepticon united to stop it. In the present day, Jetfire and the crew of science vessel Calabi-Yau are monitoring the dead planet Cybertron and find a corrupted Energon pocket. Possibly indicating that the abandoned world is slowly beginning to heal itself, the crew goes to investigate…only to be attacked by cloaked enemies. The ship, with Nosecone and Afterburner still aboard, is blown up and Jetfire finds himself in a cavern, damaged, and seeing the cause of the incident years ago…Thunderwing!

What they got right: The art is beautiful. Between Figueroa’s usual amazing art and Burcham’s coloring it looks really good.

What they got wrong: It’s the story I have some problems with. Not the abandoned planet or the idea of Cybertron healing itself. That’s not a bad concept given the tone they’re going for. However, Furman breaks out another of his “pet characters”, Thunderwing, and overpowers the daylights out of him, even more so than when he wrote him for Marvel. He also kills off two of the Technobots, which means killing members of a combiner team. Granted, IDW really screwed up the Combiner concept, and had to fix it when Hasbro did the “Combiner Wars” line (and it’s debatable if they succeeded based on personal preference), but destroying the team, which had their fans, is disappointing. This is what original characters are for. Also, why is Jetfire using an Earth curse when he’s (a) never been to Earth, and (b) nobody else does. This is an odd thing to go negative with to some of you perhaps but it kind of matters for continuity. Even the bots currently on Earth aren’t using Earth curses.

Recommendation: This one isn’t off to as good a start as Infiltration but I plan to see it through. It’s really only a must-have because events in this story, if memory serves correctly, have an impact later on. Otherwise I’m not convinced one way or the other yet, but I’m leaning in the bad direction.

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  1. asdf says:

    What do you mean? None of the Technobots died in Stormmbringer, I thought you already read this
    Also, I can’t recall Earth slang, but I pretend the characters speak cybertroninan and the comic translate them on english


    • Nosecone and Afterburner were on the ship when the missiles hit it. Unless they’re shown escaping next issue, which I’ll read next week and haven’t otherwise read since they were released, they’s dead.

      Jetfire let’s out a “damn”, which is Earth cursing, while the others use “slag”, a Cybertronian curse word since Beast Wars (dropped because it has a more vulgar meaning in the UK, which apparently nobody caught for years after the show). It stands out because all Cybertronian terminology for units of measure and time are used, as well as curses, but Jetfire for some reason lets out a English curse word.


      • asdf says:

        Jetfire said damn, so what? It’s that even worth mention? Also, 3 of the Technobots actually died in Chaos arc from Mike Costa, which was already reviewed here! Nosecone was eaten by sweeps in #24 and Afterburner and Lightspeed blow themselves up inside the space station in #26. But I don’t blane you if you didn’t notice it, thanks to Ramondelli’s style


        • I did peak ahead to the issue I’ll be reviewing this week and noticed they survived, but I don’t know/remember how yet. I will when I read it for Thursday’s review.


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