Mario in Super Mario Bros., one of the first g...

Mario in Super Mario Bros., one of the first games he starred in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nintendo saved video games from the crash of the 1980s, like them or hate them. They got the general public thinking of video games positively and outside of the computer world there might not BE a gaming culture without Nintendo. Only old fogeys like me remember when Atari was a good company.

However, in a world where the prettiest graphics seem to be the demand, Nintendo is usually a step behind, focusing on gameplay rather than graphics. But for all the haters of motion controls and touch screens there are also plenty who enjoy them, and the Wii sold itself on a family experience, while I’ve talked about seeing a Wii in the therapy room at the convalescent home I recovered in last year. (Still wish I could have played it but that wasn’t the therapy I needed at the time.)

And for all the reduced hardware, it may actually benefit not only a Nintendo fan’s wallet but creating a “house style” of how Nintendo as a brand looks. When you see a game by or for a Nintendo console it looks like a Nintendo game, while exclusives to other consoles and computers don’t have that same cohesiveness. In this video Mike Rugnetta from the PBS Idea Channel explains why Nintendo’s lax approach to the graphics compared to Microsoft or Sony may actually benefit the Nintendo brand.



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  1. Sean says:

    Hey, I’m also an old fogey who remembers when Atari was a good company! The only way I got to play Nintendo as a kid was either at your house or at another friend’s house that was in my neighborhood. I will admit that Nintendo revolutionized the home video game system world. When I first played Duck Hunt, it just totally blew my mind away! Nothing on Atari 2600 could compare with that game for sure! For that time period of the 80s, Nintendo’s graphics were cutting edge. Plus, the game concepts are still well known today. For instance, almost everybody in the world seems to know who Yoshi the Dinosaur is. Nintendo is what made Mario famous…..not the old Donkey Kong of Atari 2600 where Donkey Kong looked more like a ginger bread man instead of an ape. At least in Atari, Kong actually did look like a gorilla! I’m probably randomly rambling here because it’s so early in the morning so my apologies. I never got to see the Wii. But from having bought the Xbox 5 years ago for my former girlfriend’s daughter, I will say the games were good, but I didn’t get the same feeling from them as I did the Nintendo that I used to play at your house in the 80s and 90s.


  2. Sean says:

    It’s good that Nintendo focuses on content. That’s what makes those characters like Mario, Yoshi, Legend of Zelda so long running. I found it interesting what the philosopher had to say about today’s emphasis on spectacle. That’s actually very scary how society has shifted to a value on spectacle. How can we survive as humans if that’s the main concern?


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