I haven’t used that graphic in a long time. I use it so rarely it’s not even worth updating

So as you can tell there’s no Jake & Leon tonight. I am hoping to put something together for Memorial Day. The sleep cycle thing is still bothering me and I had life stuff to deal with, including completing this phase of the Comic Organizing Mega-Project. I decided today to get some overdue site-related stuff done. I did write my final review for The 1st Phase Shifters & The Omega Capsule over at The Clutter Reports, which included the aforementioned Mega-Project status. I’ll be putting another link in the Morning Article Link for people who only came because of that review. In two weeks we’ll see what the next Chapter By Chapter is, and like I’ve teased it’s going to be different from previous book reviews.

This week I’ll be returning to the main Marvel titles on Tuesday, although it’s back to Uncanny Origins. And I’ll be getting to the Phantom comic I promised last Friday. As for what work I did on the site, I took down some RSS feeds that haven’t updated in years (including a couple for closed sites, like Reviewers Unknown). I also took down the Big Hollywood feed because after Andrew Breitbart passed away the entire Breitbart Network, including Big Hollywood, was put under one feed. I try to keep politics off of this site as much as I can (which isn’t easy with politics invading every part of our lives it possibly can, like a virus) but finding a Conservative voice in the entertainment industry isn’t easy. Until they give Big Hollywood its own feed again or I find another site similar with it’s own feed it’s a branding decision to remove it. I still support what they do.

I also finally made the changes to the BW Patreon. I shortened the video tiers since I’m not making that many, and altered the rewards slightly to better reflect current output and goals. If I can finally wake up and sleep at the right times and not be tired all day I’ll start achieving them all, but at least I can keep current output going. If you don’t want to sign up I do also have a link to the PayPal if you want to help support the site that way. Meanwhile I still need to find a job, which is also going to pull time away. Based on current needs if I made at least $500 a month I’d be in fair shape, although $800 would be better and of course more would be even better. Right now I’d settle for anything that would help, including getting more YouTube views, but I need the time to make more content that hopefully people will watch. I’m having enough trouble getting my readership numbers back up. Until BW projects lead to income this is a resume-builder that I also do for fun (because if you don’t have fun with it, all that hard work is for nothing), but I’ll keep doing it as long as I can. Speaking of which, it’s back to work.


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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