Longtime readers of my FNF entries know that I don’t like using fights where the villain wins. I like to see heroes win, but the villains need at least a minor victory or two so that the hero has a good challenge to overcome, so that when he gets the big victory it feels more earned. (Hear that, Brian Michael Bendis?) But I have to admit this was the best fight of this week’s reviews, even if it does feature Venom with a squished head. Seriously, who created this character model?

“Boom” Prize Fight: “Powerful Punch”

Or possibly “Slam”. I’m not clear on this one.

The Battlefield: Uncanny Origins #7 (Marvel; March, 1997) “Original Sin”

The Promoters: Bob Budiansky (writer), Dave Hoover (penciler), Bill Anderson (inker), Bob Sharen (colorist), and Jack Morelli (letterer)

Venom has messed with Spider-Man’s WIFE!!!!!!! Mary Jane, and naturally that ticks off her HUSBAND!!!!!! so he gets a sonic weapon and goes in pursuit.

“How does your head fit in there, Eddie?” “We don’t know. We didn’t have trouble before.”

Spider-Man tries to go for his sonic canon, but Venom isn’t a fan of hard rock.

Well, that’s one way to use a gun.

Spidey uses the canon on Venom, but while it still blasts him off, Eddie’s better fused with the symbiote and it returns to him. Spidey, realizing this isn’t going to be as easy as thought, tries to escape and come up with a better plan. Tries.

The real trick is webbing both ankles when he was only in reach of one. Seriously, look at panel three compared to panel five.

Don’t worry, Spidey comes back, but his fight isn’t as visually interesting. The things I do for Friday Night Fights. You better appreciate it, Fred!

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