“At least your outfits are better than that Star Sapphire uniform.”

Adventures In The DC Universe #11

DC Comics (February, 1996)

Green Lantern & Wonder Woman: “No Exit”

WRITER: Steve Vance

PENCILER: John Delaney

INKER: Ron Boyd


LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: KC Carlson

Wonder Woman, who is in town as part of a conference, and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner at the time) are just hanging out when they see a bus crash. The reason is that a gun-toting drunk is threatening the riders. Green Lantern goes in but his attempt to stop the man leads to him injuring himself, and later kids think they know what they would have done. (Yeah, it’s easy AFTER things have calmed down. You kids wouldn’t last five minutes against a real threat!) Disappointed and feeling like a failure, Kyle is an easy target for Toxxis, a being that feeds on fear. He draws Kyle into his dimension, with Kyle just barely able to send a distress call to Wonder Woman, who calls in Jason Blood for help. She must journey to Toxxis’ dimension and rescue Kyle, who has forgotten his own life and his despair is food for the evil being. She is able to inspire him and restore his memory and they in turn inspire other prisoners (including the drunk from earlier), with Toxxis forcing the heroes out before they ruin all he’s done. Kyle is also inspired to finish his latest art commission, confident in himself again.

What they got right: Send this comic to Bill Maher. This is a story where superheroes inspire others to fight a dark foe…and without their missing superpowers! Wonder Woman inspires Kyle, who in turn inspires others to fight back, not to do it for them. That’s what hero stories, super or otherwise, do Bill. They inspire others to be better people. Also send this to Doug Moench so he knows that even without their powers Diana and Kyle don’t become mopey or rage out like they did in JLA: Acts Of God. Diana goes without hesitation into a dimension of evil without her powers and once Kyle gets his memory back he also rushes in. Even without his memory he still fights back because he’s inspired by Diana even though he’s convinced it’s a bad idea. THESE ARE SUPERHEROES! I also liked Kyle and Diana just hanging out taking an evening flight, and she invites him just because they’re both in the Justice League. And we get to see what Jason Blood can do. Too many writers just have Jason there so he can swap places with Etrigan but here it’s Jason’s knowledge that’s vital and he never becomes the Demon. The man’s a demonologist with minor knowledge of magic. Why does nobody use him for anything other than exposition in these kinds of stories?

What they got wrong: I see Christian parents concerned with Jason doing magic rituals, which I know some of you don’t care what Christians think and immediately write them off as stupid. (Remember who you’re talking to when you say that though.) This is a comic for kids though so parents, even of other faiths, might be bothered by this. I don’t see Jewish, Muslim, or other religions that aren’t hated by certain parties being happy about this either, if that helps. You see it as pure fiction, but you don’t have a spiritual perspective to see otherwise. So lacking any other complaints I’m going to list this.

Recommendation: A good story but a great example of what makes superheroes so great. That makes this a must-read story.


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