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I’ve been looking for an opening to post this, hopefully before it happens. Rifftrax is doing another live riffing that will be shown live in theaters as well as the live venue that is nowhere near me. The next riffing will be the classic Doctor Who episode “The Five Doctors“, which teamed up all the existing Doctors and Companions (although the First had to be replaced with a new actor and Tom Baker didn’t want to take part and used some unaired footage to sneak the Fourth in there).

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  1. Sean says:

    The Five Doctors was an awesome show even if only 3 of the 5 Doctors actually physically showed up for the filming. But I thought that the 1st Doctor’s stand in looked pretty close to him although his attitude was clearly not the same as the gruff one we all knew! It was actually pretty clever to use the unused footage of Tom Baker in the show. Even so, I hope Tom still got a pay check due to his appearing in it! I’d hate to think that the BBC had cheated him out of any compensation.


    • To be fair they invited him and he turned it down for whatever reason. (I think he was doing some other show at the time. It’s on the DVD of the episode, which I’m betting you have as well.)


      • Sean says:

        Yes, I do have the Five Doctors DVD. Haven’t watched it since 2011. It’s one that I should try to watch again this summer because television seems to really stink this summer. Nothing much good on cable, so I might as well start going through some of the Doctor Whos. I’ve actually been watching the Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 1. It prepared me for reading the Future Quest TPB (which was excellent!). Now I do remember that Tom Baker turned it down. Even though Tom did turn down the role, his image was in the show, thus, I hope that he got compensated.


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