“Why do I keep using this travel agency?”

The Phantom #3

DC Comics (July, 1988)

“In Over Their Heads”

WRITER: Peter David

PENCILER: Joe Orlando

INKER: Dennis Janke

COLORIST: Anthony Tollin

LETTERER: Todd Klein

EDITORS: Mike Gold & Robert Greenberger


The 13th Phantom escapes from the slave traders with the timely arrival of the British Navy. Now he begins his hunt of the Chessman Brothers, who have gathered on a pirate-friendly island to sort booty and swap tales of evil. He first targets Jeremy, who stole the Good Mark ring and the Phantom warned would be first. For even the Phantom must kill sometimes. Then he destroys the pirate’s boat, with the other brothers seeing it burn…a warning that one is down and two to go.

The 21st, however, has to escape the authorities, in this case the NYPD. He does manage to leave a little warning for Chuck Chessman that he’s going to tear his operation down, which puts Kit on the outs with Diana, who ends up having dinner with her old friend. But she’s not his only visitor, because Chessman has hired a hit man to take out the Phantom, who is about to take down his number two man.

What they got right: I like how the two adventures continue to intertwine, as Rex continues to read the story from the Phantom Chronicles while the current Phantom deals with his descendant. There’s a good mix of action and story.

What they got wrong: Kit, she already told you she doesn’t believe you, although we the readers know you’re right. Why would you assume she’s come to help you?

Recommendation: I would love to read the first issue of this but I’m really enjoying this story. Give it a read.



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